Best-in-Class Service is Our Expertise

Our guests, clients, and customers expect the best in operations daily. One Parking meets and exceeds these expectations by adhering to six major factors: Presence, Response Time, Safety, Reporting, Training, and Compliance. Using these principles daily, allows us to provide the quality of operations that we aim for, and what our customers expect. Holding ourselves to these standards allows us to be successful in any and every location.

We Provide Parking Solutions for a Variety of Sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Retail and Mixed-Use
  • Sporting Events
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Healthcare Services
  • Government and Municipal
  • Residential Valet


Organized in 2004, we have since excelled to manage well over 50,000 self-parking & valet spaces for high-end ownership groups throughout the country.  Our clients receive a high level of engagement from the owner of the company because of the focused size of our portfolio.  With approximately 95 locations nationwide, we provide our clients with a level of attention that companies with hundreds or thousands of locations just can’t provide.  We have an unwavering emphasis on providing Great Service and solving the most difficult challenges while generating more income.  We understand the relationship between the garage capacity/performance and the ability to successfully lease the office space.

Retail and Mixed-Use

One Parking provides parking solutions to both retail and residential customers within mixed-use developments.  We are very familiar with the parking challenges that come with mixed-use assets and the importance of providing Service Excellence.  Retail and mixed-use developments have unique challenges that require more flexibility and the ability to strike the perfect balance between maximizing revenues and providing service excellence.


One Parking manages sporting event venues providing the necessary hands on experience that is required to understand the idiosyncrasies of parking for stadium events.  Our stadium experience demonstrating our expertise include MCU Parks Coney Island (Brooklyn Cyclones), Yankee Stadium, and the Phoenix Municipal Stadium, which was the previous home of the Oakland A’s Spring training facility.

HoTELS AND hOspitality

One Parking believes in meeting the exacting levels of service and professionalism that our hospitality clients demand of themselves.  We provide a seamless travel experience so your guests will receive the level of service they expect from your brand.  From valet service, bellman and front door services, airport shuttles, to black car service, One Parking offers a variety of parking and transportation options.  We will work with you to create customized solutions that address your needs.

Healthcare Services

In hospital and health center environments, it is particularly important to provide the proper first impression when the patron arrives and the proper last impression as the patron leaves.  To provide a positive parking experience, our professional and friendly staff are sensitive and empathetic to patrons of the healthcare facility.  The right people, the right controls and the right execution is what makes for a positive patient, visitor and employee experience to those visiting a healthcare facility.  One Parking specializes in all of these areas and we maintain our focus on the core business of treating people with care.

Government and Municipal

One Parking has vast experience with municipal contracts and understands the unique reporting and service requirements.  We bring industry best practices to improve your facilities.  One Parking is a Nationally Certified Woman Owned Business, which can help municipalities reach their diversity goals.

Residential Valet

One Parking is a premier provider of valet parking.  Our professional and friendly staff place the highest emphasis on image and appearance of our facilities daily.  We are strong in our belief that the parking component should mirror the standards of the overall property.  We understand the need for consistent personnel and confidentiality, when being the first and last interaction with individuals coming and going from their residences.

Services We Provide



One Parking understands the importance of a well-functioning and user-friendly parking environment. Parking services represent the first and last impression a visitor receives of the facility and that can be a pivotal factor when patrons decide where to park.  To meet these standards, One Parking facilities are attractive, well maintained, provide a high level of user comfort and acceptance, as well as present a positive impression of the building.

  • Visible management presence in each facility
  • Friendly, helpful, clean-cut cashiers at each exit
  • Premier support services including traffic direction, signage, maintenance, and concierge personnel


One Parking provides various levels of valet service including tandem assist, full valet and VIP white glove valet services. We operate VIP full valet locations with elevator garages and stacked locations, as well as retail valet operations that park over 175,000 cars annually. One Parking is experienced in tailoring the valet program to the location needs.

  • Our signature parking alternative is ultra-convenient and our friendly staff adds to the richness of the customer experience at your property
  • Our team of valets work fast and effectively in settings from easy to challenging
  • Valet service can reformat your parking areas and options for a higher efficiency and capacity
shuttle transportation

Shuttle Transportation

One Parking has extensive experience working with organizations to address their shuttle transportation needs. Whether the need calls for a simple airport transfer or a special event, we can accommodate your transportation demands.

  • Safe, reliable service for passengers
  • Clean, comfortable settings for pick-up, drop-off and journey
  • Best method of relocating staff or groups off-site so customers have access to the closest parking spaces