We can use your own chart of accounts to develop the financial statement formatting, saving your accounting department a lot of time not having to convert from a standard template.
Under our management, every parking location has a separate bank account in order to prevent unauthorized use of funds and to ensure detailed, daily reconciliation of each revenue source (cash, credit cards, online sales, etc.). We feel the industry standard of a general depository for all locations is obsolete, and expensive to audit and reconcile. Our Accounts Receivable team provides fast, accurate billing of monthly access cards and validations as well as prompt collections. What our clients love most is that they have two viable options to communicate with the Accounts Receivable team. They can call us and talk directly to a customer service executive or handle transactions online through our easy-to-use website.
Our accounting practices are totally transparent. Unlike our competition, we do not mark up liability insurance, group insurance, or workers’ compensation; we honor SUTA, FUTA and FICA cutoffs; and we do not add extra charges for payroll processing. When we quote you a fee, that's what you pay - no need to worry about the undisclosed add-ons.
Would you like to get your parking reports and revenue by the 7th of every month? No other parking company in the nation provides this level of service, and it defines our standards as a company: rise and remain above every competitor and do it at an affordable price. We have one of Florida’s most respected, independent CPA firms under contract to prepare the monthly reports over the course of the first five days of every month. You’ll get your report and settlement check by the 7th – that’s the One Parking promise.
We become active contributors to your marketing team, working hand-in-hand with management. We will suggest strategies to attract more parkers through cultivation of local relationships, leveraging of special events, group rates, on-site sponsorships, and more.
Since 2004, our first year of operation, we’ve never had a management-level resignation. This reflects buy-in by all senior executives to our company’s core values, our commitment to offering 24/7 availability to our clients, and lasting, rewarding relationships with our clients that increase efficiency and make your parking program even easier.
The first impression of your garage is usually the one that defines your asset; and your facility is the first and last impression of every customer experience. At any One Parking location, our friendly, clean-cut staff is neatly attired in our crisp uniforms, and the garages are kept clean and orderly, mirroring the public’s expectations of your building or property.
We know that we can make you more money from the same amount of space. Our team is trained to see how to boost your parking capacity within the same square footage without reducing the quality of the customer experience. We are also wayfinding experts and have a team of placement strategists and graphic designers that understand how to create and position parking signs that are clear in both meaning and visibility.

Shift your parking from problem to profit center.

Maximize your revenues; minimize the headaches. One Parking is a boutique parking company, but that doesn’t mean small. We are right-sized to respond to the needs of our clients and their customers with our famously fast, often surprising solutions.

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